Where Maldonado's started and more...

Taqueria Maldonado's was established in 2002, bringing our own Mexican style tradition in food to Green Bay. We started up running a simple food truck, parking in local establishments around town. After a couple years of doing that we decided to give the restaurant a try. We setup shop at 1737 Main Street on the east side of Green Bay. It's been family ran since the beginning and fortunately we are still here up and running in our original location. Later on we were able to add another food truck to the business and it still continues to be family ran. We have 2 running food trucks that we use to cater all type of events. From smaller size groups to very large companies that bring us in to cater for them. We believe we are offering good, quality Mexican food to the Green Bay and surrounding area. If you haven't tried us I highly recommend you do :)


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